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Hi! I'm Quynh Tran,

UX/UI Designer.

and I'm looking for an internship.


My name is Quynh Tran and I am a full time student in the Netherlands. Currently I am majoring in Communication & Multimedia Design at the Hague University of Applied Science.

Creativity has always been an important part of my life. I have a big heart for design and fashion and I always enjoy being creative in as many ways as possible. Activities ranging from crafting to designing to basically anything else related to creating new stuffs makes me blissfully happy.

Curious about my work? Scroll down to find out!


These are my best projects so far and I am very proud of them. Click on the image to see more about the project.

VuVu The Hague | 09/2016

jeWelste Play App | 11/2016

Quynh's Infographic | 09/2016

Integrand | 04/2015

Westland Experience event | 03/2015


Let's work together! Feel free to contact me at:


You can also contact me through social media. Let's keep in touch!